We offer a variety of services for cats and dogs, and pride ourselves on using the best of both, holistic and conventional veterinary care.

  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture uses principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring body’s Yin and Yang in balance. Our Veterinarian is…

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  • Herbal medicine

    Herbs are powerful agents that follow similar physiological paths and trigger same receptors as conventional drugs do...

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  • Nutritional supplements

    Nutraceutical are used in health, as well as in sickness. We are knowledgeable in appropriate uses of various nutritional…

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  • Diet consultation

    “Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food.” - Hippocrates…

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  • Titer testing

    This is a simple blood test that will determine if your pet requires vaccination booster or not. Titer tests are run as part of annual…

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  • Pain and Mobility Clinic

    We offer pain relief through integrative approach. Focus is on noninvasive, drug free approach to pain control. In order to achieve…

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  • Cancer Care

    Although holistic medicine can not heal the cancer, it can provide pain relief, decrease tumor growth and extend quality of life…

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  • Behavioral consultation

    Our pets’ mental health is an essential part of their wellbeing. Healthy mind leads to healthy body. Adequate exercise routine…

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  • Allergy Management

    This field is the most common challenge we face in our practice. Use of processed foods, too many vaccines and flea products can…

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  • Full service hospital

    Healing Paws can cater for patients in health as well as in distress, illness, surgeries or emergency procedures…

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  • In-house Lab testing

    We are equipped to run majority of lab testing in house. This expedites the delivery of results to the clients and improves the…

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  • Digital X-Rays

    Digital images allow us to take excellent quality pictures that can be shared with referral partners, specialists and owners…

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  • Home Delivery

    We know that life gets busy. Don’t worry, we made it easy for you. Now you can order your prescriptions and supplement…

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  • Surgical procedures

    Our surgical suite is spacious and equipped with the latest anesthesia monitoring equipment. Patients are kept warm and…

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  • Specialist referrals

    We work with several referring specialists in order to provide ultimate care for our patients. Some of these specialist services…

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  • Complex Dentistry

    Healing Paws is equipped to perform complex gum and teeth surgeries, including multiple extractions, digital mouth X Rays…

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“No other clinic I have been to offers the same variety of holistic care. I love Healing Paws!”

Becca Summers and her Schnauzer, Cheeki

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