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  • COVID 19 protocol

    Dear Healing Paws Pet Family,

    We care deeply about our patients, our clients, our employees and our community and take evolving nature of COVID 19 very seriously.
    Classified as essential services, we remain open to serve you. Healing Paws is following direct guidance from British Columbia Health Ministry. In order to minimize the risk of viral contamination and spread, this is what we are implementing:
    Our facility and our equipment are being disinfected with strong antiviral disinfectants several times a day and between patients.
    The staff are being instructed to exercise stringent hygiene that involves, but does not limit, scrubbing, hand washing and hand sanitizing between appointments. We kindly ask you to use our hand sanitizers, located in the reception area.
    When arriving to the clinic, please do NOT enter. Call us and we will gladly take your pet through our side door and bring it in for treatment, while you wait outside, or come back later for pick up. This provides a safe social distance for everyone!
    We encourage all the clients to use our phone consultation service, whereby we can recommend treatment for your pet over the phone. Please, call us to get more information about this popular service option.
    During the time of pandemic, we will continue to mail and ship all of your pet's medication, food and supplements, to avoid unnecessary trips to our clinic.
    In times of crises, we strongly encourage you to follow the lead and recommendations of recognized Veterinary organizations, such as: World Organization for Animal Health, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association and World Small Animal Veterinary Association
    Finally, we want to ensure you that you are not alone and that we are here for you and ready to help your pets during this difficult time.

    With love and mutual respect,
    Healing Paws Team